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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading Oil Industry player, we have a responsibility to respect the environment, protect human health, ensure product and facility safety, and promote local social and economic development.

We make strong commitments to our stakeholders, with safety, customer satisfaction, dialogue and transparency at the center of our long-term relationship with them.

Our Commitments

Investors, Individual Shareholders

  • Deliver exemplary financial and corporate social responsibility performance.
  • Engage in dialogue, provide information, facilitate the exercise of their rights and build sustainable relationships.
  • Employees
  • Promote equal opportunity, a more international workforce and diversity at all levels of the company.
  • Create and maintain a good working environment, through respect, non-discrimination and appropriate health and safety conditions.
  • Promote personal and career development through offering training, managing competencies, assessing performance, implementing return on experience, providing information and building a consensus.

Suppliers, Service Providers Contractors

  • Deploy our Fundamental Corporate Responsibility Principles for Purchasing and cascade our responsible purchasing policy.
  • Promote local content in all of our host countries.
  • Select industrial and business partners who comply with our safety, health, environment, ethics and quality policies.


  • Forge partnerships for and with our customers to offer them a highly visible lineup of up-to-date, innovative products and services.
  • Listen to our customers, notably through our customer service centers.
  • Offer eco-efficient products and services 

Host Countries Politicians Governments

  • Not to interfere in the political processes of our host countries.
  • Build long-term relationships in the public sphere.
  • Transparently and effectively participate in the main organizations dealing with energy-related issues.
  • Uphold the rules of free competition and reject corruption in all forms.


  • Be honest, transparent and educational.
  • Publicly pledge to participate in discussions of issues to which we can make an informed contribution.
  • Communicate responsibly, as set out in our Guide to Responsible Communication.


  • Appoint a dedicated contact for NGOs in the Public Affairs Division.
  • Form local partnerships in our host countries, through dialogue.
  • International Organizations
  • Participate actively in the initiatives of the Global Compact (LEAD platform), and follow all international standards

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