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Corporate Social Responsibility

In Total, social engagement is integral to our ambition to become the responsible energy major. Aiming to help the community as a whole, Total has identified four areas on which it focuses in order to contribute to a better future and address major social issues. These areas are: 

  1. Road Safety, 
  2. Forests & Climate, 
  3. Youth Inclusion & Education and 
  4. Cultural Dialogue and Heritage.


Educational program “Cycling Safely” by Total Hellas and RSI “Panos Mylonas”

In the context of its social action, Total Hellas is supporting the NGO Road Safety Institute (RSI) "Panos Mylonas" for the educational program " Cycling Safely", which is being implemented in primary schools of Attica and Achaia for students, 9-12 years old.
Specifically, in TOTAL, road safety is a key element of our responsibility as an industrial company, as well as the top value for all employees. Safety is a priority in all our transport-related activities. We therefore seek to go a step further and share this know-how with professionals and local communities, especially young people, through education, training and awareness-raising initiatives, with a main focus on road safety. Proper security tools can save millions of lives every year. Total Hellas, focused on the road safety sector, remains committed to safe driving through the necessary training and awareness
The aim of the " Cycling Safely" program is to inform children about the basic principles of safe use and cycling, as well as training their parents on safe bicycle use. It has been developed by RSI “Panos Mylonas” in collaboration with specialized agencies from abroad (Deutsche Verkehrswacht) and is based on the experiential training and information of children and their parents.
Throughout the program, using appropriate educational material, students will be able to develop their various skills such as team spirit, perception, enhancing knowledge of the benefits of safe cycling, and a sense of responsibility for traffic safety.

Cycling Safely
Cycling Safely


In order to help children become familiar with the basic rules of the road traffic, we have created a fun and at the same time educational game entitled "On the Road to Safety". So we invite you, parents and children, to play the game and discuss situations that hide dangers in traffic.
Throughout the game, Total Robot is present and helps you by giving you the right advice.

For moving the robot sideways, you need to press the key with the upward arrow and the key with the arrow to the left or to the right simultaneously on your keyboard. Please also adjust the screen zoom to 100%.

The game is only compatible with desktop or laptop.

If you encounter a problem with launching the game "On the Road to Safety" please click here